Thursday, January 6, 2011

A List of Rules for Gaming Online Groups, made by me with contributions from my friends in the " Chat A-Team " You guys know who you are. ;)

Rules of Gaming Groups Online:

#1: You MUST have someone in your group who has a foreign accent.
#2: You must have someone who yells at something while game play... or sings songs.
#3: Someone in the group is bound to turn things into puns. They could be good. They could be bad..
#4: Someone in the group most be perverted or semi perverted.
#5: There should be at LEAST 1 Girl in the group.
#6: One must be dubbed unofficial leader.
#7: Boob conversations. Always a must.
#8: Food must be mentioned. At least once.. per conversation.
#9: Someone in the group is bound to team kill.. be it accident... or in a fiery pit of pain and agony..
#10: Someone must be picked on. At least once...errr.. twice.. er.. heck with it a lot...
#11: If you can get a black man in your group do so. It tends to make conversations during game play entertaining. (Not intended to be Racist in anyway shape or form.. A friend suggested this rule and he is part black XD.)
#12: Someone in the group must have a SUPER KAWAII CHIBI voice that melts people with the utter cuteness.
#13: Someone in the group must be an artist of some type..
#14: Someone must have a very elaborate or interesting story to tell about a weird dream they had that takes up a few minutes of everyone's time.
#15: There needs to be a lot of nerdy gaming conversations, which for some reason ends up in a debate over one game over the other..
#16: Silly come backs, even if they don't make sense, are a must.
#17: One person in the group will be "annoying" in some way, shape, or form.