Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ugh.. so mad at work.. This is a conversation I had with Rav

[10:00:33 PM] GaurdianAngelSango: So here is what's up. I get to work, it's a pretty normal day.. Till I look over and see the cashier who started way after me putting her own deposit in the system, which needs a key to do. So either she got the assistant managment postion or head cashier. And I was told at the begining of the year that if head cashier was going to anyone it was going to me. She has already gotten a shit ton more hours then me and the other cashier which has pissed both of us off. And she's not even a good cashier! I think she just got the fucking postion because she is buddy buddy with the freaking store manager.
[10:01:10 PM | Edited 10:01:27 PM] Ravant: well that'll  unforunately get you there >< i hate that shit
[10:01:25 PM] GaurdianAngelSango: It's not a positive thing. But it still pisses the hell out of me.
[10:03:08 PM] GaurdianAngelSango: I thought I was pretty close to the damn manager because we have been through 3 manager changes together. But apparently because I don't go on fucking walks with her after work, run to work when called, or have a crush on someone who comes in the store I am suddenly not good enough.
[10:04:07 PM] Ravant: sounds like she just wants more then just a work person
[10:04:17 PM] Ravant: my personal opinion on it though
[10:04:33 PM] Ravant: but yo if she isn't doing a good job then her ass needs to go
[10:04:35 PM] GaurdianAngelSango: But I have went on walks with her, and went out to eat with her and things..
[10:04:51 PM] GaurdianAngelSango: But the other girl tends to do it more with her.
[10:05:02 PM] GaurdianAngelSango: I am so done with this job.. I am looking for a new one.
[10:06:54 PM] GaurdianAngelSango: I am just tired of killing myself for a dang job and not getting noticed for it. But as soon as I slack off of killing myself it gets noticed.
[10:07:57 PM] Ravant: thats unfair
[10:08:41 PM] Ravant: specially if you're working so damn hard ><
[10:09:31 PM | Edited 10:11:37 PM] GaurdianAngelSango: Yeah I work so hard customers are always commenting stuff like: "You work really hard don't you, running all over the place.."