Friday, August 9, 2013

Crap I put up with.

Teresa Cohen Really? because I've been checking with fb every hour! I try not to upset Terry with his medical problems he doesn't need the stress! How is Grampaw?

Jenna Crystal Cohen And I don't need your fucking stress Teresa Cohen if u wanna kno bout ur father in law call him. He feels like no one gives a fuck about him

Jenna Crystal Cohen All annie and teresa do is run their mouth they don't kno shit n they don't give to fucks till sumin happenes since papaw don't have money nomore to hand out to their ass's they! don't give a hell about us.!!! To Brittany Galvez

Jenna Crystal Cohen And I'm really sick in tired about it when we thought papaw had a heartattack annie had the nerve to call my mom at work n ciss her out for not taking him to a better hospital. Like what the hell he was having a heart attack we go him to the cloosest one. The only people that does care is aunt crystal and my sisters.

Jenna Crystal Cohen And I said no one called wasn't saying fb. Cause thank u for the fb prayers. N sorry for any one I disrespected w my language. I j hate them people

Kassandra Cohen Hey Jenna, let me point out somethings for you okay? 1. Hard to call someone when we either don't have a current number or no one picks up or calls us back when we leave a message. And you know what? We care about grandpaw a crap ton more then you give us credit for. 2. Obviously we DO give a crap about you or else why the hell would some of us add you to facebook and try to get updates on Aunt Karen hm? 3. Glad to know I'm hated when I haven't done crap to you. Nice to know ME STANDING UP FOR YOU, to MY FRIENDS was well worth the time and effort I put into it.