Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Random Nonesense.

So.. I ended up going to the zoo for the first time since 5th grade today. Needless to say... IT WAS AWESOME! I felt like a kid again! :D I got all excited over everything! Hehe.. I ended up getting my face painted like a leopard which for some reason looked a bit more like a cheetah.. not that that was too bad of a thing. My boyfriend bought me a Polar Bear and Panda Bear stuffed animal. Both of them are really cute to!

As for other things..

1. Bought the ENTIRE DBZ anime. God I am such a nerd.. XD
2. Finished off my Monster High Doll collection for now. Yeah... I know they are "Barbie" like dolls, but who gives a crap right if I like them.
3. Bought Final Fantasy Dissida 012. I FREAKING LOVE playing as Tifa, Lighting, and Terra.. :D Maybe I should post some videos on Youtube or something.. we'll see.
4. Bought Pokemon Black and White. Haven't played to much of White though... I got my Victini though hahaha.
5. Got a few more other games which I will probably talk about later or something haha.
6. Haven't did a lot of livestreaming lately.. I really ought to though.
7. Been watching Hell Girl, Claymore and Seikari... I probably misspelled that all to hell.. will correct this post when I find it for now..
8. Been working ALOT lately.. need to find some more me time or something...
9. Minecraft. Very freaking addicting...

That's all for now.. Later! :D